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The Arena Santiago is a stadium-like building, with a capacity for 16500 spectators, built from the unfinished Patio Techado O'Higgins Park first conceived by the architect Mario Recordón in 1956 and inaugurated in 2006 designed to host sporting, commercial, cultural and leisure events.

 The theater architecture project had a study to expand the flexibility in the stage and enclosure configuration. Alternative projects were carried out for the rigging system, removable stage and its corresponding suspension systems and stage lighting. A metal grid was designed, hanging from the resistant structure of the roof, which allowed the installation of automated motorized rigging systems; sound reinforcement; of video projection and lighting.

Datos técnicos


Typology: Stadium

Location: Av. Beauchef 1204, Santiago, Chile

Subject: REmodeling and modernization project

Services: Theater architecture and staging bidding project

Client: Arena Santiago

Executive director: Enrique Bordolini

Consultants: Ing. Juan Antonio Vargas, Ing. Jorge Sommerhoff

Seats: 16.500

Estimated total area: 28.000 m2

Estimated intervened area: 7.000 m2

Estimated cost of intervention: US$ 2.000.000

Year: 2005-2006


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