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Datos técnicos


Tipología: Edificio Complementario

Ubicación: Agustinas 794, Santiago, Chile

Temática: Remodelación

Servicios: Proyecto ejecutivo, Dirección de obra

Comitente: Municipalidad de Santiago

Proyecto general de arquitectura: Arq. Alfio Sambataro

Colaboradores: Arq. María Paz Carvajal V., Carolina Díaz S., Arq. Marcela Durán G., Macarena Aranda J.

Asesores: Arq. Andrés Cumsille

Año: 2014

Página web:

The Municipal Theater of Santiago, originally inaugurated in 1857 and designed by the architect François Brunet de Baines and the engineer Felipe Augusto Charme de l'Isle, is the National Opera of Chile and the main stage for the country's classical music.

The project of remodeling of the dressing rooms of the Municipal Theater of Santiago required a diagnostic study that resulted in the solutions to be implemented to transform the spaces and adapt them so that they function correctly.

In a first stage the dressing rooms of the ballet company of the Municipal Theater of Santiago were made. The space of each dressing room was reorganized in order to make the most of the available space, since, being a building that is a National Historic Monument, the configuration of the existing space could not be modified. The complete furnishing was designed, especially dedicated to the activity of the ballet. In addition, washrooms were designed, increasing their capacity for simultaneous use. The project included the dressing rooms of the first figures, co-primary, teachers, ballet corps and the kinesiology room.

In a second stage, the first and second level dressing rooms were built, refurbishing the existing spaces to house the custom designed furniture for its specific use. The washrooms were completely remodeled. The project included the green room, the dressing rooms of first figures, group and makeup room.

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