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Technical information


Typology: Cultural Center

Location: Av. Kennedy 9350, Santiago, Chile

Subject: New construction project

Services: Staging and theater bidding project for main house and exhibition hall

Client: Corporación Cultural Vitacura

General architecture project: Arq. Gonzalo Mardones

Consultants: Ing. Juan Antonio Vargas

Collaborating: Arq. María Paz Carvajal

Seats: 700

Estimated intervened area: 7.200 m2

Estimated cost of intervention: US$ 6.000.000

Year: 2013-2014

Website: http://www.corporacionculturalvitacura.cl/programas/casas-de-lo-matta/

The current Casas de Lo Matta Cultural Center contains a National Historic Monument that dates back to the colonial time when it was first erected as a residence. The house was restored in 1988 by architect Patricio Gross and again in 2010 where the current cultural center was reopened. In 2013 it was decided to build an annex building containing various activities such as exhibition halls, audiovisuals and a house with 700 locations for theater, concert and ballet performances.

The theater consultancy consisted in the realization of theater architecture of the integral project. A grid and 2 levels of fly galleries with fully modulated metal structures were designed for the stage house. It included automated motorized rigging systems according to international standards (DIN 56950 - SIL3) to grant it safety and operational capacity in accordance with theater use. In addition to the 25 motorized battens, motorized monorails were designed. Modulated stage floor with removable wooden boards, allows to achieve openings of different dimensions that serve for appearances of characters as for installation of small lifts. The orchestra pit was designed with an automated platform. A new stage lighting system was designed with its corresponding audio, video and lighting main control room. The project includes a safety curtain system and automated main draw curtain, as well as a special dance floor.