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2008-2010 AND 2015

Technical information


Typology: Cultural Center

Location: Av. Libertador Bernardo O'Higgins 227, Santiago, Chile

Subject: Staging and theater consultancy for the Fiscal Inspection of Design

Services: Fiscal construction and design inspection

Client: Ministry of Public Works

General architecture project: Arq. Cristian Fernández y Lateral Arquitectos

Consultants: Ing. Jorge Sommerhoff, Ing. Jorge Cárdena, Ing. Juan Antonio Vargas

Seats: 2400

Estimated total area: 35.000 m2

Estimated total cost: US$ 45.000.000

Year: Stage 1- 2008-2010; Stage 2- 2015

Website: http://www.gam.cl/

The original building designed by the architects José Covacevic, Hugo Gaggero, Juan Echenique, José Medina and Sergio González Espinoza in 1972, was used by different agencies and for various uses over the years, until it caught fire in 2006 and was rebuilt creating the current cultural center. The Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center inaugurated in 2010 has a main hall for 2400 spectators and ten rooms for shows, rehearsals, exhibitions and seminars; being the result of the contest won by the architecture studios Cristian Fernández and Lateral arquitectos.

In 2008, the design inspection of Section 1 of the executive project and of the preliminary project stages of Section 2 for the Metropolitan Regional Office of Architecture of the Ministry of Public Works were carried out. All the graphic and written documentation produced by the Arq. Cristian Fernández studio regarding theater architecture and stage design was reviewed.

During the construction of stage 1 of the habilitation of the Cultural Center, the inspection for the stagecraft specialty was realized.

Multifunctional room, Santiago de Chile, 2015

In 2015, the Fiscal Design Inspection was carried out for the Metropolitan Regional Office of Architecture of the Ministry of Public Works, for the project of the studio of Architect Cristián Fernández in the theater architecture specialty. All graphic documentation and technical specifications were written for public bidding of stage 2.