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Since our start in 1987, we have worked on more than 40 projects in 8 countries—theaters, cultural centers, set designs, concert halls, arenas, auditoriums and opera houses, among others. No matter the project size, we put our experience to work creating innovative, flexible and efficient spaces.


In 1987, the scenographer Enrique Bordolini together with the architect Alfio Sambataro, developed the project of the stage house remodeling in the distinguished Teatro Colón of Buenos Aires. Working in America as well as in Europe, they grew and became pioneers in theater consultancy in Latin America, in projects of great magnitude. From the year 2012 on, after 30 years of career, the studio established itself and incorporated new professionals like the architect Agostina Sambataro, engaging new projects.

In the past decade the company was consolidated as one of the few regional referents of the specialty.  Currently, we count with a working team constituted by argentine and chilean professionals; architects, engineers, designers and technicians; passionate about building performing arts venues functional to the audience, artists and technicians alike.

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