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The new Teatro Argentino de La Plata, re-inaugurated in the year 1999 after the fire that devastated the original building of 1890, was designed by the architects Enrique Bares, Tomás García, Roberto Germani, Ines Rubio, Alberto Sbarra and Carlos Ucar, containing one of the most distinguished opera houses in Argentina. Its main house “Alberto Ginastera” has a capacity for 2000 spectators.

The work covered the realization of the engineering and assembly of the different rigging systems. These included grids and fly galleries, 30 counterweight battens, 36 motorized battens, 60 hoists in 12 points, auxiliary manual and motorized rigging systems, lighting modules and adjustable proscenium consisting of 2 lateral proscenium towers and a proscenium bridge, safety curtain and main tableau curtain. The stage floor machinery is constituted by 2 main platforms, 12 sub-platforms, 3 lateral wagons per wing, floor level compensators and 2 service lifts. A general computerized control system regulates all the elements.

Technical information


Typology: Theater

Location: Av. 51 502, La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Subject: Theater equipment project of stage machinery

Services: Bidding project, Technical design project, Construction management and supervision

Client: Gobierno de la Provincia de Buenos Aires

General architecture project: Arq. Enrique Bares, Arq. Tomás García,  Arq. Roberto Germani, Arq. Ines Rubio, Arq. Alberto Sbarra y Arq. Carlos Ucar.

Seats: 2000

Estimated total area: 60.000 m2

Estimated intervened area: 12.000 m2

Estimated cost of intervention: US$ 23.000.000

Year: 1998-2001

Website: https://www.gba.gob.ar/es/teatroargentino