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Technical information


Typology: Theater

Location: Cerrito 628, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Subject: Remodeling, Modernization and Theater Equipment

Services: Bidding project, Technical design project, Construction management and supervision

Client: Municipalidad de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires

Executive director: Enrique Bordolini

Staging project: Arq. Alfio Sambataro

Construction management: Alfio Sambataro

Consulting: Theater Projects, Ing. Federico Malvares, Ing. Fink, José Luis Fiorruccio, Rolando Sadra

Seats: 2500

Estimated total area: 58.000 m2

Estimated intervened area: 7.000 m2

Estimated cost of intervention: US$ 14.000.000

Year: 1987-1990

Website: http://www.teatrocolon.org.ar/

The Teatro Colón of Buenos Aires, inaugurated in 1908 and designed by architects Francesco Tamburini, Vittorio Meano and Jules Dormal, has a capacity for 2487 seated spectators and is considered as much for its acoustics as for its architecture, one of the most important theaters in the world. Its stage is 35 meters wide and 34 meters long with a free height of 48 meters.

The staging project for a building of these characteristics, required a deep diagnosis analysis, concluding that its stage house - as the heart of every theater - was obsolete, operating with rigging systems of the past century; which prevented the theater to cope with the cultural demand at the moment.

In this context, the project included the complete remodeling of the stage house, including the reinforcement and adaptation of the rigging structure. It involved the design of a double grid and three levels of fly galleries. The flying system covered a total of 30 counterweight battens, 36 motorized battens, 60 hoists of 12 lines of 5 points, 2 lighting bridges and an adjustable proscenium of 2 lateral proscenium towers and a proscenium bridge. A total of 100 hoists were installed, controlled by a central computerized system. New intercom systems, stage callers, sound and video were included.