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The complex La Dehesa is a multipurpose building with a residential, commercial and cultural program, located in La Dehesa, Santiago de Chile. For the performance hall positioned in its basement with capacity for 270 spectators, the complete theater architecture and stage design project was carried out. Theater equipment was added for sets and stage lighting and acoustic conditioning for singing and symphonic orchestra. The areas of technical and artistic support and an isoptic study for optimal sightlines of the audience were also projected.



Technical information

Typology: Theater

Location: Santiago, Chile.

Subject: New construction project

Services: Technical stage and theater design

Client: La Dehesa Holding

General architecture project: Bodas, Miami, Anger Arquitectos y Asociados; Soto Arquitectos

Executive director: Enrique Bordolini

Consultants: Ing. Juan Antonio Vargas, Ing. Jorge Sommerhoff, Jorge Cárdena

Collaborating: Arq. María Paz Carvajal, Arq. Cristina Cordero

Seats: 270

Estimated intervened area: 1.000 m2

Year: 2015-2016

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