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The Teatro Municipal de Santiago, inaugurated originally in the year 1857 and designed by architect François Brunet de Baines and engineer Felipe Augusto Charme de l´Isle, is the national opera of Chile and main stage for classical music of the country. Its main house has a capacity for 1500 people.

Within the theater consultancy, the first step was to inspect and elaborate a technical report of diagnosis of the existing stage machinery systems and a feasibility study. The maintenance, corrective and preventive project was developed afterwards together with the modernization of the theater equipment. The realized work included the project, fabrication quality control, construction inspection of the stage machinery and rigging systems. In addition, the three levels of theater dressing rooms were remodeled.

Technical information

Typology: Theater

Location: Agustinas 794, Santiago, Chile

Subject: Remodeling project of support areas and corrective project of stage machinery

Services: Technical design project, direction and quality inspection

Client: Teatro Municipal de Santiago

General architecture project: Arq. Alfio Sambataro

Seats: 1500

Estimated total area: 25.000 m2

Estimated intervened area: 5.000 m2

Estimated costo f intervention: US$ 3.000.000

Year: 2002-2014

Website: http://www.municipal.cl/