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The Teatro Municipal Solís of Montevideo, Uruguay, was inaugurated for the first time in the year 1856. In 2004 it was re-inaugurated, after its main reform in which the most important improvement was in the stage, increasing 80% of its area and 100% of its volume. This change was fundamental to enable the theater to receive both local and international shows and productions of great infrastructure. It came true from the realization of the theater equipment and architecture project with its respective solutions for stage machinery, rigging, lighting and auxiliary systems. It all was accomplished using the pre-existent metallic structures of grids and fly galleries of the original building.

Technical information


Typology: Theater

Location: Reconquista s/n esq. Bartolomé Mitre, Montevideo, Uruguay

Subject: Remodeling and modernization project of the stage machinery

Services: Bidding project of stagery

Client: Hoffend & Sons, Inc.

Seats: 1.200

Estimated total area: 20.000 m2

Estimated intervened area: 7.000 m2

Estimated cost of intervention: US$ 3.000.000

Year: 2003

Website: http://www.teatrosolis.org.uy/index_1.html