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Technical information

Typology: Theater

Location: Santiago del Estero 1746, Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Subject: Teatro Tronador remodeling project

Services: Stage, theater and ballet school technical design project

Client: Marcelo González

General architecture project: Arq. Mariano Englebienne, Arq. Leonardo Boccardo

Consultants: Enrique Bordolini, Ing. Jorge Sommerhoff

Collaborating: Arq. María Virginia Castro

Seats: 900

Estimated intervened area: 4.000 m2

Year: 2017


This traditional theater in Mar del Plata was completely remodeled, turning into a new auditorium with a capacity for 900 people. The complex included a ballet school, venue of the Higher Institute of Art of the Teatro Colón.

The theater consultancy project included in the theater area, the design of a renovated stage house and equipment containing a new metal structure of 40 tons of grid and fly galleries. Rigging systems and battens for lighting and sets, motorized, automated, were incorporated according to international standards for theatrical use.

The scene lighting system comprising the stage, hall, control cabin and follow spot platforms was completely renovated. The new stage floor modulated and completely removable allows multiple configurations facilitating in sight mutations. Additionally, it contains a removable sprung floor system with international technology.

Stalls and box galleries with isoptic study were designed to give a good visual to each spectator. The acoustic design of the house was made by geometry and materiality. All areas of public and artistic support, as well as the ballet school, received treatment to achieve the necessary noise mitigation standards.

The project included technical and artistic support sectors with individual and group dressing rooms, and for V.I.P. artists, as well as costume and makeup workshops. Within the theater architecture project, the integral program of the ballet school was executed with the corresponding dance halls and support areas such as teachers' dressing rooms, audiovisual room and administrative area.